Thursday, May 1, 2008

Consider yourself officially blogged...

There's no turning back now. This is my second post and I have now officially become a blogger. Although if you check my sister's blog -yes, we all have one -she notes that in order to become an official blogger, one must be 'tagged.' I'm not sure what this means, being 'tagged,' but I've pretty much come up with the conclusion that it entails posting trivial information about one's self. Come on, you know what I'm talking about! Those forwarded emails with 15 bulleted points about how many places someone has lived, their favorite movies, summer or fall, etc.? Still don't know what I'm talking about? Consider yourself fortunate.

Regardless, I have instructed a way that every person who reads this blog (all 3 of you), will have a pretty clear idea of what I'm about. Here are 25 things about me. This could get ugly and most definitely will get scary.

  1. I love to shop. I just did, in fact, and every time I do (watch the commas Court...), I feel on top of the world. I feel like a better person really. I see others walking with their shopping bags and honestly consider them good people, sheerly for the fact that they have bettered them self with something new.
  2. I am an absolute 100% candidate to be the crazy dog person. There is no end for my love and devotion to the beasts, I would have 15 if Josh and the people who own the property we're currently squatting on would let me.
  3. I hate olives. They taste like rotting skunk scum. Don't know what that tastes like? Try an olive...
  4. I love baked potatoes. Eating them most every night would feel in my heart, so very right. I even make up rhythms for them.
  5. I, like my sister, talk to inordinate objects. For example, picking up my purse today, I had to ask it if it was excited to be in California. Me: "Did you have a good trip, Coachy? Did you get lots of sleepies on the way here in the big truck? Were you and Dooney telling each other lots of jokes?" Purse: Nothing.
  6. My eyesight, despite the efforts of Lasik, are deteriorating at cyber speeds (I don't even know how fast cyber speed is but I imagine its pretty damn fast).
  7. I am not emo and I love Dashboard Confessional. People pretty much hate me for this, but I can't control my love for their whiny grooves.
  8. I could watch Nacho Libre every since day for the rest of eternity and still find myself laughing with tears of joy in my ever-decomposing eyes.
  9. Josh, my husband, is pretty much the funniest guy I know.
  10. I consider myself freakishly strong. Honestly. I will sit up at night, and brag to Josh about how strong I am. Any proof? Naw. Its just one of those things that I've convinced myself of.
  11. I love ice cream. Just bought some at the grocery store today and had a cone yesterday. I could live off of it.
  12. I am on a Calle Mission in Encinitas California. Josh told me that today. I need to start spreading the Calle gospel, whatever that is...
  13. I am Twilight obsessed. Is there a stronger word for obsessed? Because thats what I really am. 15 notches above obsessed.
  14. I like little kids. Ones I'm related to tend to be cuter than the others, but kids in general are pretty awesome.
  15. Kids like me, no, love me. Its an interesting thing to watch a child see me for the first time. They automatically love me and ask me to be their mommy. If they can't talk, they signal using discreet hand gestures. I'm convinced this is due to my large range of facial expressions. My face muscles just seem to be more advanced than the rest of you mere mortals.
  16. I love reading cook books and enjoy cooking, but don't actually do it.
  17. I miss my mom and dad. They live in Argentina now because they don't love me.
  18. My husband and my best friend are in love with each other. Every time I mention her name, he says, "Have I told you how much I adore that girl?" She probably won him over when she adopted his foot stool that he made in junior high shop class. Needless to say, I have been trying to rid myself of that little 'masterpiece' since before I met Josh (I don't know how that is possible, but somehow it is)
  19. My car, Goose, is my alter-ego. Josh says I treat her like some kind of rare Mercedes.
  20. I love to sleep and not only do I love it, but I need it. I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a night. Nine is better, 12 is best.
  21. Did I mention that I love dogs?
  22. Just in case I didn't mention it yet, I love dogs.
  23. I have a tendency for violence.
  24. I was hand-fed goodies from Nordstrom my entire life and have a hard time really shopping anywhere else. Its my mother's fault and I blame her for any debt which I might accrue. Nordstrom is like a haven of mine and the piano-playing melody that is Nordstrom, makes my heart sing (if you don't know what I'm talking about, why are you reading this? Are we friends?)
  25. I played soccer, but do not consider myself a soccer player. Why is that...


Ron and Vicky said...

We do love you but we are in Argentina. I love your blog! The picture of Ramses made me sad however because I always imagine he is here in Argentina in our backyard. I really think he is looking after us!
Thank you for sharing!

Shelli said...

I don't think you know the meaning of obsessed. You try to forget about Twilight.

I think you are right about your facial muscles. That must be why kids love you.

letter_2_elise said...

Oh Courtney! I never knew you were such a smart ass. We miss you as neighbors. You sure you couldn't move a few hours north?


Natalie Scott said...

You forgot "I'm the youngest therefore whiny, spoiled, etc.." HA! Kidding, court, I LOVE your blog. It's cute and clever, just like YOU :)

Glad you decided to join the ranks.

Ron and Vicky said...

Hello----it's May 4! You now have
BLOG responsibility. Have you heard about a job? I love you and miss you.

megship said...

It IS the facial expressions, cause kids worship me too. Why am I the last to know about your blog? I still don't have one, by the way, cause I definitely don't have much to say. My kids definitely miss you. Dax asked me about 10 minutes ago when you were leaving your "Disneyland house" (I told him you live by Disneyland) to come back home. He got choked up when I told him you were living there now and were not coming home. He said, "Then we are NEVER going to see her again!!??"