Thursday, September 30, 2010

New shoes

Remember when I mentioned the Asay weirdness and that Rip is definitely afflicted with it? Well, he is. And today was further evidence of that fact.

Rip only wears those Robeez shoes. You know, the soft-soled ones that are kind of like slipperish things? Well, anyway, since he walks now and the weather is going to start getting cold, I decided to spend my birthday gift card on some new shoes for the little cretin. So off we went with my mom in tow, to the real happiest place on earth (Disneyland is definitely not that place) -

With so many ridiculously cute shoes, I had a hard time picking some but settled on some lime green pumas. Let's just say, they're probably the cutest shoes I've ever seen and I would easily have no problem wearing them myself. Anyway, I find this amazing shoes and put them on Rip. I wasn't too surprised he refused to stand in them, let alone walk. He was used to a moccasin-like shoe, so anything with real soles would naturally be confusing. We all laughed a little, looking how adorable he looked in his cute shoes. But after 10 minutes or so of Rip buckling his fat little legs underneath him and flat out refusing to stand on the incredible shoes, I started to lose patience.
"Seriously? I mean, seriously? Are you suddenly paralyzed? You forget how to walk?" I was so mad 20 minutes later when he was still plopped down on the ground like a 4 month old. He wouldn't even crawl. Both my mom and the sales lady assured me he would inevitably get used to the new shoes and walk again. I'm not so sure.

I brought psycho baby home and tried to get Josh to coax him to walk. Nope. I made Josh show him while he put his own shoes. Nothing. I even tried to lure him with treats, chocolate milk, a balloon, etc. etc. etc. Zip. After screaming, "What is wrong with you?!!" 17 times, Rip managed to cry. He pulled at the Velcro desperately, sure that the shoes were breaking his legs. No Rip. The only thing likely to break your legs is me if you don't start walking in those awesome shoes. I told him that, and yet he still refused to walk.

A whole day later, the kid is still not walking in his shoes. And yes, I made him wear them the entire day, sure he would eventually give up and walk. Nope. Here is a picture depicting what he did most of the day. Nothing. Lots of crying and whining with a whole lot of sitting.

I'm pretty sure he's doing it to drive me crazy. I initially thought he was concerned about the feel of the shoes. Now I know he's doing it out of will and spite. I'm starting to admire his determination, until I look at those green shoes sitting on his useless legs, and then I get mad all over again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twice as nice

I know. Nothing for months and then two posts right in a row? You're just that lucky. Anyway, this is a picture post, because my sister told me I was lame for never posting pictures. Well, Meg, I think you're lame, but obviously sort of right since I'm posting pictures now. I hate peer pressure.

Here are some pics from Rip's very first birthday. Rippy really hated the hat. And he had no real interest in the cake really either. Basically, he protested the entire celebration. And yes, his little cake was a tombstone with R.I.P. on it. The other picture is demonstrating my belly. No, I do not typically take belly pictures so this is as close as it is getting.
This group of pictures are from the national sheepdog competition in Midway. It was pretty incredible, and here are just some pics of some of the people there. Rip eventually passed out. I guess seeing dogs herding sheep was just too much excitement for him.These pictures are just random pics of when my sister and I took the kids to a Highland water park place (aka free place with water). I love this picture with Rip and his most favorite cousin, Dax. He really does love Dax best of all.And this is very possibly my most favorite picture ever. Remember how I said Rip has an obsession with pushing every visible object? Well, here he is mowing the lawn with Josh. This was taken just tonight and I have not stopped laughing about the entire thing. See how Rip is helping mow the lawn?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another boy?

First off, it's been a long time. I have been protesting the internet altogether, for no real reason. I love pointless protests.

Second off, we're having another boy, and boy, am I relieved. Although, when the fake doctor (this guy was a DO, not a MD, really a complete fake, sort of like a chiropractor. Oh, does that offend you? Show me proof that chiropractors are at all legitimate) showed us the ultrasound and we saw the distinguishing marks that make a boy a boy, I was momentarily disappointed. Yeah, figure that one out. Anyway, I'm back on the 'boys are better for people like me' bandwagon, so no worries.

I really have been out of the loop. I guess I should update the world as to Rip's latest developments (if you're shouting 'NOOOOOO!!!!!! Please NOOOOOOOO!!!!' don't worry, I'll keep it to a 17 paragraph minimum and only include 5000000 pictures of Rip doing nothing of real interest). Let us begin.
  • Rip walks. True, sort of like a dog does on his hind legs, but he walks and he thinks he's pretty awesome because of it.
  • Rip has digressed into a 2 month old with colic. He has decided that crying is now his only means of communication and uses a lot of communication meanwhile hanging onto my legs.
  • Rip is 13 months and has only a half of a tooth. This half tooth has been in the works now for something like 4 months. At this rate, Rip will be teething until he's 16.
  • Rip generally dislikes most foods. He eats only toast and crackers and is thinking of coming out with a new diet book revealing his findings.
  • Rip, like his mom, has no interest in the general population. He truly wants nothing to do with any person aside from me and Josh. It is aggravating, but I must say that I relate. Strangers in the grocery store have no business smiling at us. It's unnerving and if it was at all acceptable to give severely dirty looks at the smiling checkout lady trying to make me laugh, I would too. Until then, I leave it up to Rippy.
  • Rip loves books and is constantly bringing me books and trying to climb into my lap. Only problem aside from not allotting my entire day to reading 'That's not my Dinosaur!', I can't stand reading the same 25 books over and over again. It sort of makes me want to blow my brains out.
  • Oh, Rip hates his new brother. I only know this because he is obsessed with pulling my shirt up and hitting my bare belly. I would say this is strange behavior, but as Rip's true personality begins to emerge, the weird Asay genes emerge as well. The kid is weird (for anyone out of the loop, my side of the family has some serious weirdness).
  • Last off, Rip has an obsession with pushing things. He screams to push the grocery cart, he disrupts sunday school because he's trying to push the metal chairs around, he pushes his high chair through the house, he has even taken to getting behind me and pushing my legs. Yeah. He's a freak.
So there you have it. I can't make any promises to update more often, mostly because I am almost 7 months pregnant and my day is typically not that monumental.