Thursday, May 20, 2010


Okay, so for the most part, Rip isn't very photogenic (an inherited disorder, I think). I can't stop laughing at this pose. Rip looks like one of those high school wrestlers who tries to look really tough by making his neck look huge. We tried to take some mother's day pictures, ya know, since I'm a mother? Ish? Well, no matter. He did better with Josh. No wonder, considering he is completely a daddy's boy. Totally prefers his dad. Guess what, Rip? The feeling is mutual.

But the real question is, what to do with Rip's hair. He actually has some (you can't tell, but it's back there; I promise). He has developed the classic 9 month old mullet, and I am torn as to what to do with it. Cut it so he looks absolutely bald, or maintain the flowy back region so he looks like he belongs in an 80's sitcom? What to do, what to do...

Also, Rip loves to play under our bed (our bed is tall; yeah, we're rockstars). He has only just put two and two together. Get mom's phone from off the nightstand, and hide under the bed with it. Mom is less willing to crawl under the bed to retrieve it from you there. He has started stealing things he knows I won't let him have and sprints (more like a sprint crawl of sorts) as fast as his chubby legs will carry him to the most center part of the bed. Sometimes I think the kid is a genius. And then I watch him chase a ball around, and I figure otherwise.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby or Kentucky bluegrass?

As mentioned in an earlier post, we are currently in combat with our lawn/weed forest. We've been going back and forth about killing everything alive and laying sod, or keeping up the vigilant weeding and watering program that only seems to encourage more crab grass and other unwanted weedy things.

We ultimately arrived at our decision to sod when Josh asked his mother to come by and give us her best impression of the weed situation of 2010. I watched the Barb drive up, get out, and received my answer only seconds later as I watched her laughing to herself about the state of our weed farm. Since Barb found the dandelion haven to be more funny than anything else, we put on our brave faces and have decided that ripping it all out and laying sod is the only non-funny solution to this weed epidemic. I'm only sort of sad about it. If I really try to be honest about the whole situation, I never believed we could revive Carlos' yard. Not like Josh did, anyway. Every day he would look at the yard and would come inside with the same conclusion. "Seriously, I think there's grass growing!" Josh's optimism was helping him see dandelion heads and sprouts of strangler vines as infant grasslings. If only.

But it shouldn't be too bad, only too expensive. It really is a difficult decision, especially since we've taken a chunk out of our savings to buy a house, and we were planning on buying another baby at the end of the summer (remember how we have to do fertility stuff to get pregnant? I do.). I guess we'll just buy a lawn instead. It makes sense if you really don't think about it.