Monday, December 20, 2010

Twin Pigs!

I thought an update is in order, since I'm due in less than two weeks and I most definitely will not be posting before then or immediately after.

I really do deserve credit for posting this picture. For Halloween (yes, two months ago), Josh was a zookeeper, Rip was a monkey, and yes, I was a pig. It seemed like such a good idea, until I went to one house and the person handing out treats was ecstatic to point out that their dog was also costumed as a pig for Halloween. I was only mildly humiliated. I have very little pride at this point and so someone telling me that my twin was an overweight bulldog has little or no impact on my self-esteem.

This is a picture of Rip 'eating' in his high chair. Rip does more throwing of food than eating, but we're currently trying to stop that. What I mean is, I tell Rip 'No, no throwing food' and he holds his arm cocked back, fist clenched around something edible, and stares me down until we hold eye contact for a minute, and then he launches whatever he was holding. He keeps eye contact throughout, curious and eager to see my reaction. Fantastic. Mealtimes are such a joy. To add insult to injury, Rip is sure to throw food on your back the second you bend down to pick up his previously discarded food. Look how happy he is about it! Bad seed.

And this picture is the two boys eating popcorn together, watching a little tv. Twins!
So I'll probably have this baby January 3rd. I don't know why I think that, but I do (I'm due Jan 1st). But I like to keep Josh on his toes so I usually call him a couple times a day and claim to have had the baby. Our conversation goes like this:

Phone Ringing...
Josh: "Hey."
Me: "Hey. Guess what? I had the baby! At the grocery store. He's so chubby!"
Josh: "Oh yeah?"
Me: "Yeah! And he told me he loves me, unlike Rip who has made it pretty clear with most of his facial expressions that he sees me only as an obstacle to keep him from having fun (i.e. tearing off tree ornaments, jumping out of the shopping cart, etc.)."

The conversations vary, but I usually pretend to have had the baby at least 3 times a day. Sometimes when we go to bed and I'm in bed reading and he's brushing his teeth, I shout out, "Agh! I had the baby! He's in our bed snuggling with me!"