Thursday, May 19, 2011

I dunno

Thanks Dayna for the picture. Josh and I realized we have very few pictures of Chet. Not because we don't like him (we do now, he's older and puking less), but because he doesn't necessarily do anything that merits a photo. Usually when we take a picture, it's because Rip made us laugh. Chet has not really done much of that. He smiles, rolls around, but he certainly does not insist on looking at us out of the corner of his eye (Rip), or kick Josh randomly in the head (Rip again), and he certainly does not make up his own sign language (yes, Rip not only signs, but makes up signs for words he doesn't know; genius). Still, looking at his little face does make me smile. Still can't wait for him to be one, though.

So we went to some friends' ranch, which ended up being seriously one of the funnest trips ever. I don't really want to narrate what's happening in each photo, but just know that if you see us sitting on a four wheeler, assume we went four wheeling. See horses? We rode them. Get the idea?

I do want to add that while on this trip I was again reminded how unattractive I actually am. It only takes a few pictures with no makeup to remember that God gave us mascara for a reason. That reason is to make my face less offensive. It also didn't help that the other wives all weigh an accumulative 85 lbs and have perfect hair (seriously people. How does your hair look that good while at a ranch with dirt everywhere? Defies physics is what it does). The funny thing is that it doesn't bother me all that much. I guess I'm coming to grips with my love handles.