Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Alright. It's time for a massive update. Massive because the month of July was basically the busiest month to hit Normandy (I realize that doesn't actually make sense but I'm banking on at least one other person who reads this to actually be dumber than me. Not likely, but possible).

Anyway, this update will not be including a single picture. Nope. Not one. Why? Because I didn't take any. Why? Because I was raised by Vicky and anyone who knows Vicky knows that taking pictures is for other people's mothers. Every picture from my childhood comes from the single source of Carla, my best friend's mom. She happens to be the exact opposite in regards to photography as my mother, but we'll save that for a separate, more meaningless update.

So no pictures and lots of words equals lots of skimming over most everything. I'm okay with that. In fact, I prefer it.
  1. My parents got back from their mission. Holy crap that was a long 3 years. Felt more like 10, but hey. They're home.
  2. Next was Josh's family's vacation to Southern California. We went to Disneyland (never take any child under the age of 3), went to the beach (Rip worshipped the sand and seagulls), and visited old friends in San Diego. It really was a blast so thank you Barb and Dave!
  3. This was my grandma's viewing and funeral. Loved the woman tremendously and am so happy that she is finally back with her family. I knew she was getting ready to go when she stopped referring to people as 'jackasses.' I plan on picking up where she left off.
  4. The Beez gets married. That's my sister. She actually goes by the name Beezer Bug Face, but Beez for short. Her hair and makeup were incredible. I wish my hair had looked half as good for my own, but considering I had a huge stye in one of my eyes and it was basically half-shut the entire day, hair was the least of my problems.
  5. Family pictures. Rip did not behave. I would say that I'm surprised, except that I'm not. He has started the terrible twos a year early. He throws tantrums people. He flings himself on to the floor onto his stomach, puts his head down and starts kicking his fat little legs. II really can't help but laugh. His little fits of rage are so futile. "Ohhh! You're mad? Okay then. I'll let you jump into the 6 ft pool by yourself. What was I thinking?"
  6. The Asay family reunion. This was also a lot of fun, and would have been even more fun without a certain 11 month old. Rip did not like all the kids in his face, smiling and holding his hands. In fact, he usually tried to bite them, only he doesn't have any teeth so it looked more like an open mouthed kiss. Like a cat without claws, his natural instincts are still intact.
Basically, it was a crazy month. We find out in 3 weeks what gender this next baby will be, but I have a sickening feeling it's a girl. Don't want girls. Not yet at least. They seem to have too many feelings. So we'll probably be having a girl, and on top of trantrums, we'll have pouting hurt feelings. Blah. I hate feelings.

Also, Rip has started walking. It isn't too impressive, but he seems to get a little more courageous each day. He does look more like Frankenstein than an actual person, but I'm assuimg that will work itself out.