Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rolls -A tribute to my mother

I have never felt my mother's love and acceptance more than when I have finished making bread. That probably has something to do with the fact that my mother could never love a daughter who doesn't bake her own bread. That, and her daughters must be blonde. Never mind the bleach and peroxide it requires to 'maintain' the blonde, she assured me once that she only had blonde daughters (she told me this when I rebelled and dyed my hair brown; thinking it looked pretty awesome, she assured me that it did not and she never trusted that hair stylist again. Sorry Jen. You lost our business forever that day. You just didn't know that Asay girls are blonde, sort of.).

Anyway, being that its Mothers Day and she has been in my thought constantly today, I opted to make a very Sunday Mothers Day meal, something that reminded me completely of my sweet mom. There are some comfort foods that really ease the blow of not having my mom around and stew with rolls is definitely one of them. Yes, I made rolls, from scratch, with scratch ingredients, from scratch, using only scratch (get that there was no 'rolls in a box' type thing going on? They were from scratch, with scratch ingredients, oh you know!). I was so concerned that things wouldn't work out (I have made other forms of bread, but never rolls...), but my concerns were easily forgotten once I smelled and tasted the rolls. I didn't use my mother's recipe (I don't know where it is!), but used one from my trusty Home & Gardens, the best cookbook to have ever come into existence. The recipes, if done right, have always come out great. That is the cookbook I go to, if there are other recipes besides the ones in there and the ones from my mother or family, then I'll never know because I won't try any others. Anyway, I took some pictures of my beautiful rolls. They were beautiful.

I also want to make a small tribute to the woman I love to pieces. My mother is one of my best friends, always has been, and is one of the most charitable, selfless women on earth. Always up for a party, she loves to laugh and has always made me laugh with her. I love her, I miss her, and I am so excited for her to come home, but am proud of her for where she is and what she's doing there (my parents are mission presidents in Argentina). Mom, I love you. Thanks for all your support and all the work you do.

Also, I wanted to post some pictures of what it requires for me to make a phone call. We have no reception, so when we're at home, we have the privilege of hiking an old horse trail. Here are some pics of what its like once you're at the top. Josh took the one of me on the phone, in case you were wondering how I set that up.


Natalie Scott said...

Court, those rolls are beautiful! And they look oh, so yummy. I use the Lion House roll recipe, which looks a lot like the ones you made (I, too, never go wrong with Better Homes and that cookbook). But I'll never stray from mom's wheat bread recipe. It works every time (don't forget the honey butter! yay!), and is devoured by my family in 2 seconds.

I love everything you said about mom. It is all SO true. She once informed me, too, that she has blond daughters. End of story. And she loves to hear when I make bread/rolls. Funny how that makes her so happy.

I'm curious, what was your main course? Tell me you made spaghetti with italian sausage!! I know that's a favorite of Meg's.

Shelli said...

That was surprisingly deep. But you can't joke around when you are talking about one of the very best things in life - Rolls and Mothers. (Not necessarily in that order.)

I applaud you on your rolls. They look exactly like my mom's. And I've only been able to replicate them similarly close to hers once. You doing it on your first time is quite a feat. Good job.

Happy Mother's day.

Ron and Vicky said...

Thank you! The rolls are beautiful and it does make me so happy. Bread is the most important thing for a meal in my opinion and you have turned out to be a bread maker! It looks like I need that roll recipe.They look so good! About your hair. I just didn't like the blonde and black combo you had----you always wanted to have something kind of weird! Your hair is really cute now and it looks like it should blonde and natural.
Yes I have blonde daughters and a few blonde sons (kind of dishwater blonde) My reputation is at stake here!(ha ha) I love you very much and I miss you. Thank you for being a great friend and daughter.
The Cutip dew MOM

megship said...

Amen to that! Hooray for our mom and hooray for all of us blondie sisters! Court, I am trying to keep all of the salivation from streaming down my chin. Those look so good!!!!! I love homemade bread, but am generally too lazy to do it. Those look professional! Who woulda thought my baby sister could produce such perfection in her rolls? VERY impressive!

Annie said...

Seriously Court, I am jealous of your homemaking skills. Those rolls look AMAZING. I'm proud to be your friend. Also, I so clearly remember those days when you tried to change your identity with what I call "the skunk hair". Ya know, the really dark hair underneath the cute blonde due. Anyways, not the finest moment. It also reminds me of the chocolate pudding and cool whip days with your parents. Random memories, but good times! Miss you to death.
(P.S. I love the name cutip dew mom!)

Haystack said...

oh boy, court, I hope that Jon doesn't ever stumble upon this blog of your and realize what a failure I am as a homemaker... but I am willing to try new things if you want to let me in on what that recipe... they look like the most amazing rolls I have ever seen in my life, like the first rolls ever made. Anyway... I probably should look into that cookbook the Asay girls all keep raving about... sounds like a winner.

Brett Asay said...

You really made those? I would say more but I'm still in shock.