Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Beginning -A Disclaimer

I have often considered starting my own blog, but always came to the same conclusion. I have nothing valuable, interesting, insightful, helpful, or comical to say. When it comes down to it, I really can't offer anything that isn't already out there. On top of that, I have always been hesitant because of my family's blogs.

I come from a large family by anyone's standards. I have four brothers and three sisters, which puts me at the tail end as the baby of eight. If you just thought of some stereotype plaguing us babies of the families ('spoiled, whiny, the favorite, etc.), stop reading now. I already hate you. If not, then proceed. My family is large, loud, opinionated, and very sarcastic. Being such, they naturally all have blogs of their own. These blogs are witty, intelligent, and always entertaining (sometimes boring. I just can't read anything that resembles having any kind of real information regarding the world). I have only recently found my love for blogs, due to the fact that we have just moved to California and I don't have a job; blogs have become my sanctuary (and Josh's at that! He has really enjoyed me being 'busy.' It allows him to get some work done), and I can't get enough of them. Imagine! Common-placed people sharing their most mundane thoughts and experiences. Somehow, I love it. This and only this, has inspired me to create my own blog.

In order for me to honestly start blogging, I need to start with my list of disclaimers. They are as follows:

  1. I don't claim nor pretend to be in the least bit intelligent. Most of what I say falls under the realm of 'stupid' and 'unimportant' (nonsensical would also apply).
  2. I love commas. You will find multiple unnecessary commas sprinkled, who am I kidding, dumped throughout every entry. There's something about a good pause that just makes me smile
  3. On top of loving commas, I don't understand grammar. I will try to not sound too much like I grew up in a small town where people are missing more teeth than they actually have, but I cannot promise too much.
  4. I have enough ego for 17 people; I don't know why, I haven't done much to earn such an ego, but it just seems to be there. Sometimes I try hard to humble myself, but like many other guys who play intramurals, I have an innate sense of being ridiculously awesome.
  5. I do love my husband. I grew up in my family where sarcasm and cynicism were key to survival (that and fast hands. With 4 big brothers who shoveled the food in like starving horses, fast hands kept me more than well fed), and so that might play out when I make fairly rude remarks about Josh. He's a good sport. He dishes it back out, just not on a blog.
  6. I am far from computer literate. I know the basics, but beyond that is beyond me.
  7. I will not update regularly. I have an attention span of .03 seconds and get bored very fast.
  8. I am not creative.
That is it for now. I will likely post something tomorrow, being that I still do not have a job and still love blogs.