Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is me making sugar cookies while holding the Cheddar Chet (I just made that up; I amaze myself). I am both domestic and nurturing. Be impressed. Yes. He fell asleep within 3 minutes of being in this position. I, however, did not.
I've been looking at pictures of Rip, comparing the likeness/dislikeness (I'm aware it isn't a word... back off know-it-all) of the two boys, and I've ultimately decided that 1) They actually sort of look alike 2) Chet has way more hair at this stage than Rip did (not very hard to do... ) and 3) For some reason my kids look shocked and frightened by the world around them. Rip still carries that expression. I'm sort of hoping that Chet will not follow suit.

Oh, and Rip was at least 90 lbs fatter than Chet. Chet isn't scrawny, but he isn't a buddah baby. Rip was a fatso. I do love me some fat babies.

Chet is the first picture and Rip the second. Rip doesn't look that fat in the picture, but keep in mind that this was him at 6 weeks and he was always 90th percentile in both height and weight until 6 months.
And for your viewing pleasure, a quick peek of what we do all day. Well, not all day or I would be skinnier. But rare is the day without some form of Chet attacking Rip. With my help of course.

And please excuse both my love handles and my 'undies.' Apparently it's too confusing for Josh to mention that half my bum is hanging out of my pants. Either that or my bum is always hanging out of my pants and so this is the 'norm' while anything else would be confusing. Can't be sure. Too confused.

Monday, February 14, 2011

6 week update

Two things. Well, three, but who's counting?

First, Chet tried to sleep through the night last night, but being the psycho that I am, I woke him up at 5:30 to feed him because I couldn't sleep after 3 am. I just kept sitting there anticipating him waking up but he never did. So I did it for him. I'm furious with myself. I'm feeling pretty confident that Chet will now never sleep through the night due to me confusing his first and final attempt. Hurray for me.

Two, Chet is 6 weeks today (you feel like he should be 4 years old by now, too?) and he has finally started smiling. The past few days he has kind of smiled at me, to which I informed Josh that Chet is really going to like me; I might even be his favorite (Rip very much favors Josh; real wonder there). Well, Chet looks at me lovingly most of the time (if you count a blank scowl a look of love), and so I figure Rip will love Josh most while Chet will love me most. I discovered that I am horribly off on that, as I am with most things. I was trying to feed Chet and he was trying to stare adoringly at Rip. He then did his best to win Rip over by smiling repeatedly at him. I couldn't believe it. I mean, seriously? You love the guy who has almost crushed your little head about 50 times in the last 24 hours? But it's true. Chet seems quite interested (as interested as a 6 week old can be) in his older and more experienced brother. So here is the order of things. Chet loves Rip, who loves Josh, who loves Rip and Chet. I hate being the only odd man out. Maybe I'll adopt a fish or something.

Third thing is that I am starting to like Chet. Rip hit the 6 month mark and I started liking him. Chet is only 6 weeks and I think I like him. Wonder of wonders! It's probably a combination of me being more prepared and Chet being more likable. I mean, even though he has only sort of smiled at me, I'm pretty sure he likes me. And not just because I'm his 'lunchbox' as my mom describes it, but because he appreciates me for not killing him the first 3 weeks of his life. You're welcome, Chet.

So that's about it. I like Chet, Chet likes Rip, and Rip has not stopped 'patting' Chet's bum since he saw me burping him this morning and is in love with the idea of an acceptable form of hitting. He starts getting a little aggressive after a while so I have to keep an eye on Rip's bum patting. It does make me laugh, though and Chet doesn't seem to mind, either. We have so much fun at our house. Contain your jealousy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Them two

My friend Dayna did me a huge favor and took some pictures of the boys last week. Thank goodness she did it before this week, since Chet has opted to embrace adolescence and enjoy a huge dose of baby acne. I don't know if anyone remembers Rip's acne, but it about killed me. It's disgusting. I swear no one else's babies get it like mine do. Great.

Anyway, considering neither boy was very cooperative (most of the time Rip was trying to push Chet off his lap and/or simultaneously crying), these turned out pretty well. Thanks Dayna!
Notice that every single picture of Rip he has a confused/angry expression? Yeah, that's pretty much his constant expression.
This last one is of Rip and Doggy. He loves dogs. Loves them. He has a picture of a dog in his bedroom on the wall and every morning he wakes up to it and barks at it. I guess he takes after his mom in that way (I also love dogs, I don't wake up barking though).

Oh, and Chet has redeemed himself this week. The last couple nights he's gone to sleep at 9 pm, woke up at 1 am and 5 am, and slept until 7. He's lucky. I was close to tossing him out.