Friday, April 17, 2009

Leg cramps?

I just want to mention/gloat that I will be in Hawaii this week, and will return when life here is better than life there (aka 'never').

I also want to report that I am receiving a high number of charlie horses (leg cramps for those of you who are stupid) throughout the nights. A stranger thing I cannot imagine.

Last night's charlie was especially bad. It started with Josh being woken up by a puppy, whining sound around 3:00 in the morning. Confused and concerned, he tried to locate the source of the noise, until he realized it was me. He started asking me repeatedly if I was okay, to which I responded with only more whimpers and whines. The whimpers started to increase in volume, until I finally started screaming out, "It hurts! It hurts! Oh, it hurts!" (the details are hazy to me, since I was half-awake and half-deluded by sheer pain). To this I dramatically finished off by leaping out of bed and falling instead, due to being completely crippled by the magnitude of pain I was experiencing. I started rolling around on the ground, grabbed my mid-section and picked up where I left off with shrieks of, "It hurts! It hurts! Oh, it hurts!" (I'm only slightly dramatic; I attribute it to the fact that my mother was a drama major in college). Josh was half-shrieking himself, fully convinced that I was going into labor. "Courtney! What's happening?! Are you okay? Courtney!!!" Yeah, we're just the kind of people you want in an emergency. Anyway, I finally was coherent enough to tell him that I was having a charlie horse, to which he stopped being concerned and started laughing uncontrollably. I stumbled back to bed and tried to explain the magnitude of the pain, but he couldn't hear me. He was choke/sobbing on his own laughter.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Joy

Recognize the woman I'm standing next to? Me either.

How about now?

So last Saturday, Josh and I went to a soccer tennis tournament (looked so freaking fun, by the way), where CALLE had a booth. Travis was there with his friend, and we were just talking and hanging out. Well, Jaime, the guy in charge of the whole thing walks over and tells us that Joy Fawcett, "The most decorated female soccer player in the world" is here. Travis replies, "That's great, because Courtney here is her biggest fan!" After Jaime left we laughed for a second, Jaime not realizing that I wouldn't be able to pick out Joy Fawcett from Kobe Bryant (yes, I'm aware Kobe is black and Joy is, well... not). So later that day, Travis left to take his friend home and Josh and I are still just at the booth selling and talking to people. We see Jaime walking toward us towing some woman with her kid. I thought nothing of it, until the words, "Joy, this is Courtney. She's your biggest fan! She would love to meet you!" were uttered. I sat there for a split second, mortified. Really? I knew absolutely nothing about her except that she played for the National Team for some years back. For all I knew, she still played for the US National Team. Anyway, I sort of just laughed and said something awkward like, "Yup. Your biggest fan. I'm a die-hard." She looked vaguely uncomfortable but not nearly as uncomfortable as I felt. So I walked over and proceeded to make 30 minutes of small talk with her. Honestly. 30 minutes. Eventually, she asked if I wanted a picture to which I replied, 'No. Too fat. Don't want to take pictures in the current condition I'm in." She waved away my reserves, obviously just a nervous fan's ramblings, and I took the picture with her and her youngest daugher. So there it is. Me and Joy. Joy and I. We're tight.