Monday, March 23, 2009


So the wait is over. Here are my pictures from Argentina. This will be my narrative, and no, the pictures are not in chronological order.

Pic 1: This is a shot of Buenos Aires, a couple streets away from where my parents live. My parents live in the 'Hollywood' of Buenos Aires, and although they live in a good place, I wouldn't quite compare it to Hollywood.

Pic 2:
This is a picture of when Meg, me, and my mom went to lunch with some of the sister missionaries on their P Day. I kept telling them that they were unusually normal, not like the horror stories I've heard of sister missionaries. I think they might have been offended.

Pic 3: My dad and I both love these guys. These guys travel all over picking up cardboard or anything else they can possibly recycle for money. The horses are dirty, but lovable nonetheless. My mom's goal is to give one of the horses a carrot. I somehow think the driver wouldn't appreciate it. "Get that fluffy-haired blond lady away from my horse, please"
Pic 4: This photo was taken at La Boca (a seriously cute place with colored houses). The guy in the photo is obviously Diego Maradona, the infamous Argentinian soccer player.
Pic 5: This is the fluffy-haired mom that I love. She is posing outside of one of the side streets in La Boca. Meg and I both really liked La Boca because they love tourists and are exceptionally friendly, unlike most of the other Argentinians.

Pic 6: This is my mom, Sister Kathy Fitch, Meg and me at a restaurant. We watched Tango dancers as we ate. It hasn't arrived yet, but my mom and Kathy made the mistake of ordering the barbecue plate. It came with all sorts of mystery meats.

Pic 7: These are Gaucho dancers at La Boca. They were way better than the Tango dancers. They do a lot of stomping and I'm pretty sure one of them was gay.
Pic 8: This is on the day we left. Meg was 'helping' with transfers. Meg and I kept trying to get dad to send elders that bugged us home, but he said it didn't work like that. Too bad.
Pic 9: You can't see very well, but there are bottles on top of cars. That's how you know they're for sell. Seriously. Even at dealerships. They put bottles on top of cars, people!!
Pic 10: We went to the coast on the weekend we got there and stayed in this really cute hotel. They had one king bed and one baby tiny bed. Meg slept in the tiny bed. Surprised?
Pic 11: I love my mom. This is us at the coast in a city I can't remember the name of. There were jellyfish all over the shore. Gross.
Pic 12: Meg and I at the coast. We're so dang hot and identical. We look alike, yes?

Pic 13: The whole reason for the trip was to see these people. It was so fun just to spend time with them and see that they're still the same people. My dad still says 'Vicky!' in that exasperated tone and my mom still does weird dance moves. Oddly reassuring.

Pic 14: This was the day they picked us up and took us all over Argentina. We're tired and disgusting but we're happy to see 'em.
Pic 15: This really is quite amazing. My picture doesn't do it justice, but this is a picture of the villas that exist there, basically, the slums. People just put together cardboard, wood, and whatever and built these little shack homes. My dad says that in spite of having no running water and hardly anything else, nearly every single home will have both a dog and a tv. They pirate the electricity.

Some highlights not found in the pictures:
  • Taking the color code test and finding out that I have absolutely no ambition in life.
  • Going and getting ice cream with my mom and Meg and Meg telling me that I'm "absolutely worthless" to have around. She got mad because I was nervous to use my spanish at first. It still makes me laugh, though.
  • Sitting around at night and reminicising with my parents until late.
  • Meg and I trying to capture pictures of children in their school uniforms. Their uniforms were labcoats, which they looked ridiculously cute as mad scientists.
  • Having Meg complain that every single person in Argentina was staring at us.
  • Pointing out which missionaries were 'bad' missionaries, based on their profile picture hanging in my dad's office.
  • Teaching and then demolishing Meghan in chess.
  • Watching that lame missionary movie with my mom and Meg and my mom sprinting back and forth to kneed the dough.
  • Discussing in length how absolutely bizarre our family is and where this stems from.
I love my parents and am so glad I had the opportunity to go and see them. Thanks, Meg, for inviting me to go with you! I loved the adventure and am so grateful for what my parents are doing. They work so hard and we're so blessed because of it.


jarv said...

That looks so fun! I'm glad you got to see your parents! You look good little pregnant lady

megship said...

Ah...Argentina. Everyone WAS looking at us and you WERE worthless for not using the language you studied for a hundred years! I wish I was back there today. We had so much fun!

As for chess...I will hire a really good teacher and kill you. Watch out. I will also kill your baby at chess.

You failed to mention that I choked your baby every two seconds while we were there. If you don't know me please disregard this comment and don't call the police.

Boaffer said...

It has been nice to follow the various visits to Argentina. In 18 days I will be there with my two teenagers...hypothetically....if a person wanted to sell a couple of there a market?

Natalie Scott said...

Oh man, I miss Argentina, and I miss mom and dad. I'm so glad you guys were able to go! Mom & Dad were in heaven, I'm sure.

Our family is totally weird, which has been passed on to a couple of my own strange children, but seriously, how boring would it be to have a "normal" family?

Love the pictures...Meg is a great companion for sure. :)

cameo said...

Cute pics. And I am sure you don't want to hear it because it doesn't matter what anybody else says, but you look dang cute and I can hardly even tell that you are pregnant! I think you look like your mom. And unfortunately, I don't need to take a color code test to know that I have no ambition in life. Sad.

cameo said...

Oh, and Jeremy isn't quite sure if he believes that that really is Diego what's-his-butt in the picture. No worries, I stuck up for you.

rvasay said...

Tell Jeremy that we are all really offended that he didn't believe that was Meradona or whatever his name is!
Thanks for the post---I wish you were still here! I love you MOM

Haylee said...

I want to go to Argentina to visit Ron and Vick! You guys are so funny. And that is disgusting about the jelly fish... I hate jelly fish, gross.

Anonymous said...

I love mom and dad! Argentina was pretty fun and I agree it's good to see them. I wish I could have seen the kids in labcoats though. So cute.

Brooke said...

That looks like a fun vacation!! Fun Fun!! Have you found out what you are having yet?!

Frazier Family said...

Your parents look great. I bet they are awesome mission presidents. Looks like you had a good time too :) I love out of the country experiences. They humble you...well they humbled me.