Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uh Yeah

Alright. Here goes a major picture narration. And if you're basically in disbelief due to the back-to-back blog posts, don't worry. It won't happen again. And if you really don't care about seeing 500 pictures of me and my family, skip this post. This one is for the sisters and mom.

Here is Halloween. I did not go as anything, Josh was some guy with a mullet, Rip was a dragon/dinosaur/we still don't know, and Chet was a monkey. We went trick or treating with some friends. Check out Rapunzel!

 Here are the kids making Halloween cookies. Really I just love that Chet is sitting on the table like he belongs there. I worship him.
 And here are my boys before church. I basically was going ballistic on how cute the boys looked in their sweaters with a collared shirt coming out. Seriously. Josh was like, "Then just take a freaking picture and stop!" So I did. Take a picture. Still didn't stop me though.
 Here are Graham, Drew, and Rip watching Yo Gabba Gabba. I love these boys. But I might love their moms more. Sara and LIndsey are the bomb.
 This is at a park a short walk from our house. Really, the fall was so beautiful. Note that I said 'was?' Fall is over. Winter is here.

 This is just a glimpse of Rip's spatula obsession. He calls his spatula 'pancake.'

We went to Buttermilk Falls the other day on a hike. It was spectacular but pretty dang cold. Please don't take offense by my lack of makeup. I look scary, I know. But I'm at a point in my life where I don't really care. Not really .I still care.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and since we live in outer darkness and it costs at least $400,000 to fly home, we are staying here. But I'm actually excited because we're going to do it with a few other couples and we're doing it all ourselves. Like real adults!


Amanda said...

I love you, too Courtney. I'm so glad you posted back-to-back and hope it continues. You spice up my blog reading every time. I think you should come to North Carolina to join the wannabe ivy league community of Duke--amongst other great things, like our current 70 degree weather, we can offer robbers, drugs, and the occasional used condom discovered at our local park. See, it's great here!

Anyway, I miss you and am very glad we are bloggy friends still.

April said...

You look great Courtney (makeup or no makeup). And though I don't expect back-to-back blogging ever again I'm glad you did it: we just got back from a 15 hour drive from Florida where we met up with my family. Your posting(s) help me know I'm not the only one who (fill in the blank on any given day). Have a great Thanksgiving!

Natalie Scott said...

I Looooooove that coat! The mini boden one Chet is wearing that Sam wore like 3 times. And those times were all in Utah. I really really wanted it to get cold enough here for him to wear it. It is so cute. And I like your purple jacket/coat thingie. Why are you always so fashionable?? Aren't you guys students? It's not fair. And your boys do look cute in their church sweaters!

megship said...

I love the boys in their preppy sweaters!! They look like little preps just like their dad! Cute!

Have I mentioned how excited I am for you and the little dudes to come????? We are all gonna sleep in the same bed together!!! Well, Rip and Mace in one, Chet and Presley in another, and you and me.....