Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three little psychopaths

So I hate blogging. It isn't obvious or anything, being that I post twice a year and even then the posts are pretty pathetic, but so be it. Bottom line is that there have been dramatic changes in the last three months since I last posted and I demand that the five people that read this be notified. Get ready.

These three pictures are just of life in Ithaca. It is pretty much wet every day all day and with two boys who live to throw rocks in water, things could not be better. We have these deep puddles that my kids use as their own personal swimming pools. Hey. Funny story. Remember how we don't have a washer and dryer? Yeah... it's pretty amazing doing all that laundry.

Rip, Drew and Graham. I will miss these guys this summer...

Rippy and Chet. Swimming Ithaca style.

The boys looking at the horses that are near our apartment. I mentioned missing Graham. His family is moving (they selfishly are graduating) and I might go into depression about it. Graham and Rippy are pretty good buddies and pretty dang cute together. Rip would wake up from his naps and look out his window searching for 'Gwammy.' More than that though, I will miss Lindsey. A lot. And I might miss this baby horse that is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Oh yeah. And I went to Hawaii on an all-girls trip with my mom and sisters and sisters-in-law. It was basically amazing. And look! Me and Nat are pregnant together again! She had Sam when I had Rip. Only difference? I had Chet in between. Sort of funny except that it isn't really at all. And yes, I am aware that these pictures are about as lame as possible but just see how warm it is and without any children it is? It seriously was sooooo amazing. I mentioned that kids were not invited, right? Right. So there were not any kids and we woke up when we wanted and ate meals uninterrupted and pretty much pretended we were normal women. *sigh*

Nat looks pretty hot.

I know there are better pictures out there but I am way too unmotivated to try and make my blog look like I care about taking pictures. Here are the originals. I really do love the girls in my family.
Oh. And we moved to Seattle for the summer for an internship with Amazon. We will go back to Ithaca a week or two before I am due so Josh can finish his second year and I can have the baby. Still haven't checked with the airlines if they will allow me to fly... just crossing my fingers that my doctor's note that says I am okay to fly up to my due date holds. We shall see. Although I doubt too many people are going to dare to hassel me at that point. 

Here is a picture of a troll that some artist sculpted under a freeway pass. The boys were terrified of it. Except as we were leaving Rip started crying because he wanted to climb the troll. "I want to cwime the giant! Cwime the giant please!" A little too late, Rip. Now that I am retelling the story, I'm realizing how bizarre it all sounds. Don't worry about it. 

And this is a glimpse of our apartment in Seattle. Yeah, its a slight step up from our communal living in Ithaca. I keep thinking, but where is the faux brick walls? I will miss those.

Oh. And we bought a new car. We bought a 2012 Honda Pilot and may I just say that I could not be more in love with a car. It is amazing. The reason for the new car really starts with the realization that we can't fit 3 carseats in our little civic. So we debated all our options (none of which were really that good considering we would have income for 3 months and the go back to school full-time), and really decided that we were going to get what we wanted now rather than getting something to get by for a few years and then selling and buying what we wanted. It probably doesn't make the most sense but we could not be happier. Seriously. Oh. And we can fit 3 carseats straight across so really, how can things go wrong? Right. The fact that we have 3 kids in carseats seems wrong.

And that's about it. Except that we found out months ago that we are having yet another boy. Yes people. Three boys. I have gone up and down about this, but mostly I am good with it. I was thinking it might be nice to have a girl, and I still think that, but it might not be fair to her to have to grow up right next to two psychopaths. Except that Rip is getting less psychopathic while Chet is showing his true psychopath potential. So really she would have had to grow up with one complete psychopath and one semi-psychopath. Now we'll just have a third psychopath. Chet will eat him alive.

Until next year.


Alyssa/Jo said...

You live a beautiful life.

Sara said...

Cool pad. Sweet ride. You're way to fancy for WC now.

rvasay said...

Love these pictures! You are right it is a sweet ride! and a sweet apartment! Love those little guys!

megship said...

Oh my word, I miss those boys more than I can say. I just offended my 1 year old daughter by telling her not to do something so you are not really missing out in the girl department. They are kinda overrated.

I miss you. I miss Hawaii. I miss no responsibilities. I miss you.

Amanda said...

A girl in our ward is doing an internship with amazon in Seattle this summer also. Her name is Kelly Wright--her husband is Nate. You should be friends--maybe.

The Stones said...

Love the car, quite jealous too. I love when you update, and congrats on the boy!

Dayna said...

Super jealous.

Of the car, that is.

Did you think I meant the baby? Oh, you did?


Natalie Scott said...

Being pregnant in Hawaii was awwwwesome.

Nice digs! Cool car, but seriously, minivans are better because then the kids aren't touching each other and no climbing reaching over seats. I'd put one in the back if I were you.

I'm glad we're both having boys. They can hang out with Rip and Sam while chet just fits awkwardly in between. :)